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Tech Due Diligence

Are you planning to invest in a start-up? To ensure that your investment is fully secured, we carry out a Tech Due Diligence for you. We check the source code and the technical resources used, their licenses and IP rights as well as whether the intellectual property lies with the start-up. The internal company processes and the product itself are also put to the test. We work quickly and efficiently so that you can invest at the right time.

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First Important Tech Decisions

For founders, the first weeks after an investment are usually marked by euphoria and a strong commitment to work. You want to implement things as quickly as possible. However, this can lead to important technological decisions being made wrongly, which can be fatal in the later phases of business. With our expertise, we accompany the initial phase with competent consulting and development services to avoid such mistakes and ensure a scalable product. Read here how we kickstart start-ups.

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Critical Launch Consulting

For you as an investor it is important that the start-up company continuously expands your product and delivers new features to the users in time. It often happens that critical launch periods are postponed again and again and the start-up cannot keep to the schedule. The MVP thus does not become a mature product in time. We advise founders on what to look out for before a launch, so that they remain launchable continuously and can scale the team, your product and your investment in the best possible and sustainable way.

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Product and Process Reviews

When a start-up grows, processes establish and solidify. In this phase we support founders to continue to be able to react flexibly to changes. Therefore, we help to improve working methods in order to work more effectively on the product. We offer reviews, but can also offer interim positions such as Product Owner and Chief Technical Officer. Regardless of whether the founding team is working on the product itself or an agency, we ensure that your investment is future-proof.

Are you looking for a competent team for a Tech Due Diligence, to kickstart a freshly invested start-up, an Interim Product Owner or Interim CTO? We are happy to help. Get in touch with us.


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Our approach to securing your investment

In order to secure your investment in the best possible and sustainable way, we track 6 points, which we review depending on the investment phase. We advise the founding team accordingly and give feedback.

The Prototype

When has a prototype become obsolete? This question is not always easy for founders to answer. It is important not to miss the moment when the prototype is turned into a real product with a solid technological basis. We advise the team in this respect and support them in the realization.

Agile Mindset

Agile does not always mean agile. The buzzword is not important here, but the right questions to ask oneself in agile software development. Are agile product decisions being made in the founding team? Are drafts and ideas validated at an early stage? We help the team to find the right path.


Scaling also means letting go. After a successful investment, tech founders need to start making business decisions and hiring, training, and giving away code responsibility. That's not always easy. Here we also look at the team and support founders in their decisions.

Tech Strategy

Founding teams often experiment with different technologies. In the initial phase this is perfectly ok, but later this can lead to difficulties – when orders explode and talents are hard to find. We help the tech team choose the right technology for a particular problem.


“It's not done until it ships.” As a rule, a roadmap to the launch represents a maximum of 80 percent of the time required. Lack of experience often means that finishing, reviews and other relevant processes are not sufficiently considered. With our support, no critical moments are missed.


The recruitment mentality of founders is often: “When we get investment, we instantly hire three developers”. This is easier said than done, because the market is highly competitive. That’s why we advise start-ups on how to find motivated talents in order to create a solid basis for the future.

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